Moto Z is the best device so far under Moto branding and probably one of the best smartphones of 2016. The phone is really a masterpiece and it became so much popular due to the Moto Mods. In case you still live in the cave, Moto Mods are detachable modules that are connected to the phone using the integrated magnets. There are a lot of Moto Mods announced so far that include JBL Soundboost, Insta-Share Projector, Hasselblad True Zoom, Moto Style Shell etc. Anyways, today Lenovo announced that 1 Million Moto Z Units have been sold so far which is really a big number! This has made Moto Z the most popular Moto device.

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As mentioned before, it is probably due to the Moto Mods that the Moto Z has gained such popularity because, with Mods, the concept of modular phones completely changed. Last year, the Moto G was the best selling device from Motorola and this year, it’s the Moto Z. Well, we congratulate Lenovo for this achievement and in case you don’t know, two new phones are coming from Lenovo, named as Moto M & Lenovo P2. Also, there are rumors that there won’t be any phone with Lenovo branding after P2. Only Moto phones will be launched by Lenovo. But. this is still a rumor and there is no official statement. Anyways, what are your thoughts? Do let us know via comments section. ?

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