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    Nba 2k18 locker codes consist of 20 unique set of alphabets and numbers. Now, Being a professional gamer you desire to take down each and every opponent of yours, and for sure, you want to be on that top list but wait, To be on the top isn’t an easy task, after all, you need to put all you’ve got. Also, you need to have patience and practice to reach your goal but knowing you, I don’t think it’ll be easy.

    So, to rank easier all you have to do is, buy Nba 2K18 virtual currency, Now what exactly is it? Nba 2K18 VC Glitch is a currency used in the game itself to purchase new items which will make the game easy for you and you can even boost your player abilities through Nba 2K18 VC but to do so you need to pay a certain amount of money. You can buy VC right from inside the game, or you can even explore the official website.

    Now, I’m sure many are looking for a miracle which we call a glitch in our gaming world and frankly speaking you are searching the working glitch method right now so without disappointing you I shall keep forward a working method to generate free Nba 2K18 VC using a glitch.

    Nba 2K18 VC Glitch

    1. Start the game and go to the main menu, go to the options and set the user slider settings to the hall of fame. Hall of fame should be the main difficulty as well and with a quarter length of 2 minutes. Now, go to the start match option and create a match between the excellent team versus a bad team.

    2. Start the game and then click on the pause button, select choose slides and put the controller right in the middle and let CPU take over it (Autoplay). With the game just going to end change the slides and move the controller to the leading team. You will get 200-500 VC if you use the glitch properly and with the continues use of it, you can earn up to 15000 VC in an hour.

    In brief, all you have to do is create a game where the good team defends against the bad team, set it onto autoplay and then just before the game is about to end, turn your slide to the winning team and you will earn some VC for that. Indeed you need to spend a lot of time, but in return, you’ll have a good amount of VC.

    There is still another method I must disclose,
    Your myPlayer has been doing well by getting VC checks after playing for a certain amount of time, and you get around 1000 VC so why not use the glitch and earn more than 8000.

    1. Now, play the game for 4 to 5 times and end it there itself, you won’t get any VC for that, but you will surpass the amount of time, and the new VC check will be issued.
    2. You have to play for a certain amount of time so let your sim do the work and create the loop again and again. You may surpass the time and will be rewarded with more VC.

    This way you will earn VC faster but remember you have spare a lot of time to make the full use of the glitch. In the end, we don’t guarantee for any lose since your account may get ban due to this so, be doubly careful before using it. Now, this should work for 1.04 update, there are some drawbacks, but the glitch is still useful.

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    Top Android Tablets Under US$400

    Tablets are wonderful things – they are smaller than laptops, making them convenient to carry around, and bigger than smartphones to guarantee a more pleasant experience regarding viewing the screen. But if you’ve already spent money on a decent smartphone and perhaps even a computer, you probably don’t want to waste a lot of money on a tablet.

    Many assume that a quality tablet is only for those with huge budgets. They think that you can’t find anything decent in the US$400 price range. But they are not correct! Here are some top Android tablets you can buy without spending a fortune.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

    This ultra-thin and lightweight tablet are worth checking out. The 8.4-inch screen has a superb, high-quality display with AMOLED colors and deep contrast levels. The tablet has a 1.9 GHz Exynos 5 octa-core processor and 3GB worth of RAM, with a 16GB flash memory. You can even use it to take decent photos, and the fingerprint scanner will add a bit of extra security to your tablet use. You’ll enjoy around 10 hours of battery life, as the tablet comes with a superb Ultra Power Saving Mode functionality.

    While you are considering Android tablets, here are some Best Laptops for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs!

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

    Now, you might also prefer to save a little more money and go with the previous model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Exynos 5433 octa-core chipset is worthy of praise, with the 3GB RAM giving you enough efficiency to perform a multitude of tasks. You will also enjoy the Mali-T760 graphics processor, especially if you like gaming. It helps provide you with smooth graphics, deep contrast, and richness in colors.

    Google Nexus 9 Tablet

    If you want a proper Android experience, you want to opt for Google Nexus 9. The tablet has the new Nvidia 64-bit processor, 2GB of RAM and dual front-facing speakers to make video watching more enjoyable. One significant benefit is also the battery life – you can keep things up and running for around nine hours. You want to opt for the 32GB Wi-Fi model because the tablet doesn’t come with a microSD slot. This will push the price slightly over US$400 but not enough to make you want to skip it.

    Huawei MediPad M3

    Regarding performance and the quality of the screen, Huawei MediPad M3 is definitely a worthy contender. The table has an octa-core chipset and 2560 x 1600 screen resolution. You will enjoy taking photos on the tablet thanks to its post-processing software. Streaming won’t be a problem, as it as the Harman Kardon to provide top-notch audio and video quality. It’s also the newest tablet on the list, so you aren’t buying an old product when you opt for it.

    Fire HD 10 Tablet

    Amazon’s Fire HD 10 tablet is a worthy Android tablet to consider. The sleek model has a 10.1-inch display with over a million pixels. You can expect a smooth performance although you don’t want to use this tablet if you are into streaming and downloading things. The Fire HD 10 tablet is perfect for those that love browsing and reading books and websites – the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor will perform those functions perfectly.

    ASUS ZenPad S8

    If you are after something sleek and stylish, the ASUS ZenPad S8 is worth considering. The tablet doesn’t just look good. It also comes with the Intel Atom Z3580 quad-core processor and 4GB worth of RAM. It’s a superb multimedia tablet that provides you with 64GB of storage. You can enjoy smooth performance whether you are streaming videos, playing games or browsing the internet. ASUS ZenPad S8 is definitely a great tablet to pick when you are buying with a budget in mind.

    Non-Android options

    Now if you want a few more suggestions outside of the Android tablet family, you have a few options. The HP Envy 8 Note is worth exploring if you’d like a Windows 10 Tablet. The 8-inch tablet has a 1920 x 1200 resolution display and Corning Gorilla Glass III screen to ensure you don’t have to worry about breaking it. The table has 2GB worth of RAM with a hefty 32GB storage space. You also don’t have to worry about going to the gym, as the tablet weighs just 0.8 pounds. You could even bag the Apple iPad Air 2 for under US$400 these days! The 9.7-inch retina display and the M8 Motion Co-processor will provide plenty of firepowers and smooth viewing. The Apple tablet is also one of the best-looking tablets you can find on the market. So, you have plenty of options at your fingertips and not just in the world of Android.

    Now, if the above tablets got you all excited, there’s one more trick to keep the cost down. You can find technology and gadget retailers online offering discounts on a range of products. As Black Friday is closing in, you should check OZCodes.com.au and find yourself a high-quality tablet for less than US$400!

    So, pick your favorite tablet from the above list and treat yourself to an early Christmas present. You’ll have a happy bank account and a great tablet to play with.

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    How to get a OnePlus 5T before anyone else (and free)

    OnePlus will present its new flagship device, the OnePlus 5T next week. The brand has already announced that we will see the top of the brand on November 16 but, before that happens, the company offers 10 people the opportunity to use and review the device before anyone else. This way you can get a OnePlus 5T before anyone else, and for free.

    The Chinese firm is offering its fans the opportunity to get the OnePlus 5T free through its ‘The Lab’ program that has been running since the launch of OnePlus 3 last year (Yes, in a year and a half we are going to see 4 “flagships” of the Chinese “). This program, open to users around the world, distributes test units of the latest smartphones of the brand for free in exchange for a thorough analysis of the device.

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    In its official forum, the company declares: “Do you have the ability to review high-end technology? Join “The LAB”! We will select the 10 most inventive “Never Settlers” we can find and send them a newly minted OnePlus 5T. Those who have the honor of being selected will be among the first to receive the OnePlus 5T in the world. “

    OnePlus 5t

    Of course, in exchange for receiving this OnePlus 5T for free, these 10 people will be asked to share their first impressions and comments with the OnePlus community. The records to have the opportunity to win the mobile will be open for a week and the final selection of the winners will be made before 10 PM on November 15. Those interested can click on this link to register for the program.

    Features of the OnePlus 5T

    The OnePlus 5T has a great novelty in front of the OnePlus 5: its screen format. The big mobile change comes in the form of an 18: 9 display format within a 6-inch panel without frames with a Full HD + resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. In comparison, the OnePlus 5 features a 5.5-inch Full HD display. It is also expected that the configuration of the double rear camera sees an update and boasts a combination of 20MP + 20MP sensors.

    However, in terms of internal hardware, the thing seems to not change much. Therefore, the OnePlus 5T is expected to work with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor along with 6GB RAM and 64GB of ROM or 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The only features confirmed by OnePlus at this time is the existence of the 3.5mm headphone jack and fast charging technology.

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    Google Files Go, the new Google application to clean and optimize your mobile

    There are many applications in the Google Play Store that make (or sometimes try to) the function of optimizing our system. That is, clean garbage files, optimize RAM, detect processes in the background and eliminate them … Some of these applications work better than others, but we always encounter similar problems, such as excessive notifications, advertising, etc. Google, of course, has created a similar service to compete with these applications, and of course, clean and optimize our device. The application is called Files Go, and we tell you what you can do next.

    Google has made official Files Go, a service that helps us clean the storage of our device and free RAM in a simple and intuitive way. What this application does is analyze all our internal storage to find some useless file etc. The application will find it and it will tell us how much storage we can recover if we eliminate that service or application. In addition, Google’s new optimizer is smarter. It warns us about those applications that have been unused for some time, or that we have never used and used storage on our device.

    Google Files Go

    Another interesting feature of this application is the inclusion of a file explorer. From the app itself, we can browse the download folders, documents, applications, images, videos, etc. In addition to, of course, manage it from within. Finally, we must highlight the possibility of sharing files with other users through a Bluetooth connection.

    Google Files Go, currently in beta

    At the moment, the application is not available on Google Play. It is still a beta that will probably be available in the coming weeks. For the moment, we can download and install it through APK Mirror. We just have to go to this link and click on download APK. Once downloaded, it will ask us for an installation as if it were any application. We must emphasize that it is an application in beta, and could have small bugs and bugs, which will be solved until the arrival of the stable version.

    Via: Android Authority.

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    The 3 best applications to manage your Gmail email

    The absolute dominance of Gmail over other mail clients is quite patent. However, the official Gmail app does not convince everyone when it comes to managing our inbox. That is why we are going to recommend some alternatives that allow you to add a plus of effectiveness to your work organization.

    We have selected three apps, Inbox, Unroll.me and Boomerang. Let’s analyze them so that you can clearly see their differences and know which one you may be interested in the most:


    The first we recommend is Inbox, an app developed by the same Gmail team. It is the “official” bet for a better management of our mail. We can organize several accounts of the same client or focus on one in particular if we prefer.

    Among its main utilities we will find the possibility of including reminders next to the emails, to be able to relate them to pending tasks. We also have the option to postpone emails, making them appear in our inbox later, helping us to take better control of the work by making us prioritize.

    Another possibility that we have available is to group messages in different specific categories already created, such as Finance, Purchases or Forums. In this way, finding messages is much faster, and we do not have to go to the search engine. At a glance, we will have the mail within our reach.

    Inbox contemplates our inbox as a list of pending tasks that must be solved, so it encourages us to “cross out” all the emails already read or not interested. We assign them a category and free space. If we are more interested in the attached links than the messages, we can create a list with those links of the different mails, and access them directly at other times.


    The second option we offer is Unroll.me. This app is specially designed to manage our newsletter subscriptions. Many times, we do not really know how to unsubscribe, and with Unroll.me, it ‘s just a matter of giving a button. Another case is that we do not want to unsubscribe, but we do want to have these communications more organized and isolated. In any case, Unroll.me helps us a lot to clean our tray of this type of messages, putting each one in its place.

    If over the years you have found an accumulation of newsletters that you do not want, and you have assumed them as an inevitable evil, now you can get rid of them with this app. The only problem with Unroll.me is that it works exclusively in English. Although it is quite intuitive, for some it can be a difficulty.


    The last app we recommend is Boomerang. It is optimized to be used only with Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, and in essence, it is an alternative to Inbox. With this app, you can carry out some functions that are not available in the official Gmail app. For example, with the Boomerang function, we can “return” a message so that it reaches us later, when we want and it comes to us better.

    We can also program the emails to be published later, and also, it offers us the possibility of having a follow-up of the answers to our messages, to confirm that they have been read.

    With these three options, you will be able to improve the experience of your mobile mail, making the inbox cleaner and take control of your day today.

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    How to convert audio files from WhatsApp to mp3

    The implementation of voice messages in WhatsApp has been one of the greatest successes of the application belonging to Mark Zuckerberg. Virtually all messaging applications have adopted this function, and it is a standard in any message exchange software. However, the application of the great W has its own format in terms of audio files, so we cannot play its content in any player external to WhatsApp. Today we will show you how to change the format of the audio from WhatsApp to mp3 to play them in any application that supports this extension.

    Convert audio files from WhatsApp to mp3

    In addition, this method is compatible with any version of Android and without the need to be root users, so you can apply it on any device, either a smartphone or a tablet.

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    Change the format of the WhatsApp audios with Opus To Mp3 Converter

    Surely you have ever thought about saving a certain audio or voice note of WhatsApp to use it in another device or audio playback application. If you have tried to do it, you will have noticed that they have a formatopus and are not usable outside the green phone application. Thanks to the application of  Opus To Mp3 Converter this is possible with a couple of clicks.

    Opus To Mp3 Converter
    Opus To Mp3 Converter
    Developer: The AppGuru
    Price: Free+

    The operation of this application is so simple that we will only have to navigate to the path of the file in question once it is opened to begin the conversion. If you do not know the location of the audio files and WhatsApp voice notes, they are stored by default in the storage / emulated / 0 / WhatsApp / Media route. In the case of voice notes, they are stored in the WhatsApp  Voice Notes folder. For the audios, we can find them in WhatsApp Audio.

    Convert audio files from WhatsApp to mp3

    After having found the desired note or audio, we only have to click on the Convert to mp3 option to change the format of the file. Also, we can change the save location before proceeding with the conversion and choose several files at the same time. Within the settings of the application, we can also change parameters such as the bitrate of the audiothe sampling frequency or the channel of the same (mono or stereo) in the corresponding sections.

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    Five simple tricks to gain followers on Twitter

    During the last years and to the detriment of other options, Twitter has become one of the most active social networks of today. As in any social network based on track, the number of followers or followers becomes important if we want to monetize our content in any way, either by selling sponsored tweets or by acquiring contracts with companies in the sector. Today we will teach you how to gain followers on Twitter easily by following five simple tricks and without hiring any service.

    And is that while there are applications and tools that get a good number of followers to our accounts, the quality of them can cause a loss of value in terms of follow-ups. This is mainly due to the robotization of the following accounts (the well-known bots of Twitter), as well as the null activity of the few real accounts on the social network.

    Five simple tricks to gain followers on Twitter

    Five simple tricks to gain followers on Twitter

    Making a hole in the world of Twitter is the same or more complex than doing it in the rest of social networks due to the immense amount of existing accounts. To succeed in the network of the tweeting bird, it is important to understand that we can not get a good number of acolytes in a matter of days or months (unless we have the backing of a known account), although the task It can become arduous and long, very long.

    Here is a list of five simple tricks to help you gain followers on Twitter quality and with a high degree of activity and interaction.

    Be resourceful and create original content

    Nobody likes to follow an account with recurring themes or of no importance. Also, converting our timeline into a feed from our website or Youtube account is not a good idea if we want other accounts to be interested in our content. That is why publishing witty tweets, with data of interest or with personal opinions becomes the best way to attract the attention of other people.

    Interact with accounts with common interests

    If we want to get quality followers on Twitter whose accounts have some activity, it is best to interact with users whose interests are common to ours. Exchanging tweets with people who share an affinity with our account is a good practice if we want to strengthen followers of a certain sector. You can take a look at the followers of the large accounts to find people with the same interest as yours.

    Keep activity with accounts with a high number of followers

    It is not an open secret: the accounts with the most followers on Twitter are the ones with the greatest degree of reach. Thanks to this, its content can reach a good number of people with hardly any effort. Based on this point, being the first to answer tweets from accounts whose number of followers exceeds 100000 or cite viral content with witty phrases can be a good idea if we want to get followers relatively easily and quickly.

    Participate in hashtags that are TT

    We are fans of a specific topic and this has become a national or international TT. Commenting on this theme with the fashion hashtag and exchanging opinions with similar accounts is a good way to get some activity in ours. On the other hand, if we rely on the previous point and maintain activity with accounts with some repercussion, it is likely that the people who comment on the hashtag in question will eventually follow us.

    Tag images to known accounts

    You have created an illustration or caricature of a public character and you want to share it with the world. To make sure that person sees the tweet or image in question, it is best to resort to tagging Twitter photos. If it is a quality content (whether artistic creations or witty tweets), it is most likely that such account shares that tweet through a retweet or mention. Then, the number of followers of our account will be increased next in an almost certain way.

    Five simple tricks to gain followers on Twitter

    The last option

    If we want to get real followers in our Twitter account in a massive and immediate way, the last option is to resort to collaborations (paid or not) with influencers or people who have a good number of followers. Logically, for the number of followers to be maintained over time and these show a real interest, you must follow the aforementioned advice, either through the creation of original content or through interaction with accounts that have interests common.

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    Do you want to be inside WhatsApp without anyone seeing you? Learn to do it here

    The most important instant messaging application of the moment hosts millions of chats per day. Through the interaction between hundreds of millions of users, it is normal that our mobile receives a large number of messages from friends and family. This, at times, can be somewhat stressful, because when we see that we are online, other users take advantage of the occasion to send the information.

    If you see that when you are online on WhatsApp, where you receive more messages, and you hope that this diminishes significantly, you can implement the following trick that we have brought to you. Unlike external applications that are annoying, performing this trick is super simple and it will not take you more than 5 seconds to do it.

    The trick: simpler than it seems

    whatsapp without anyone seeing

    The first thing you have to know is that you do not need to download any application on Google Play. In essence, to be online within WhatsApp without any contact noticing, just activate the airplane mode in the terminal. In this way, you disconnect the Internet service and you can parade through all the sections of WhatsApp without anyone knowing what is happening.

    Performing this action will take a couple of seconds nothing more. To activate airplane mode, you must go to Settings> Airplane mode and swipe the bar to activate it when you need it. In addition, if you have reached this point of the article, it is also important to know that although you hide the time of the last connection within the app, you can still see your contacts when you are online. That said, it is better that you use the tool discussed above.

    In this case, you do not want to activate the airplane mode, you can also disable the Wi-Fi connection of your mobile device by the time you will be inside the application. If you do this, you will also be observing photos, files, messages and the other amount of information circulating on your account within the tool.

    Do you see that it is very easy to activate this function? We assure you that you will get rid of seconds of stress. If the information has served you, you can share it through your social networks.

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    Download and Install iOS 11 on Android

    Do you want to make your Android device look like iOS 11? If so, then it is in the right place. In this guide, we will show you how to download iOS Launcher for Android, which can be installed on any mobile device or tablet.

    Install iOS 11 on Android

    The biggest benefit of an Android device is that you can install this Launcher and completely change the appearance to make it look like an iPhone iOS 11. Before starting the guide, the OS will be shown below and some recommendations before you start with the guide :

    1) Devices with Android KitKat, Lollipop, JellyBean, Marshmallow and Nougat.
    2) The launcher is an application that can be uninstalled like any other. To do this, you must press the Home button and then select the native Launcher of the device (Yes it is Samsung, TouchWiz will appear). Once this is done, click on Settings> Application / Application Manager> Click on All and then select iOS Launcher. When you do this, click on Delete and the uninstallation will be ready.

    As we mentioned before, in order for the Android device to look like iOS 11, you must install the iOS 11 Launcher, and to do so, follow the steps below to install it:

    Install iOS 11 on Android

    How to download iOS 11 Launcher for Android
    1. How to install iOS 11 on any Android device
    2. First Download Ios 11 launcher

    IOS 11 Theme And Launcher
    IOS 11 Theme And Launcher
    Developer: LOGICAL STONE
    Price: Free

    iOS 11 Launcher for Android

    3. Now go to Settings> Security and activate “Unknown sources”. This will allow the installation of external applications to the Google Play Store.
    4. Now install the iOS 11 Launcher through the following link:
    5. Now press the start button
    6. Now you will get two options of which one is the default Android Launcher and another is the iOS 11 Launcher.
    7. Tap on the launcher of iOS 11
    8. Now touch again on Configure as default.

    That is all. With these steps, you can install the iOS 11 Launcher correctly on any Android smartphone.
    So this was our guide on how to make an Android device look like iOS 11, I hope you have liked our guide. If you have any questions, you can comment below in the comments section.

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    A fake WhatsApp app gets 1 million downloads on Google Play

    name of the developer

    Imagine this situation: you read an article about the new message erase feature of WhatsApp like this one. You want that function, obviously. So you enter the Google Play Store and search for “WhatsApp update” to find that latest version that will give you what you want. You run into an application that has little or nothing to do with the original WhatsApp. Of course, you discover it late because it imitates perfectly the download page of WhatsApp itself in the Google Play Store. The rest you can imagine abusive advertising, possible theft of sensitive information, etc. etc. If you are one of those who thinks “that does not happen to me”, you can consult it with the million people who have fallen for this trick.

    A fake but famous application

    Every few weeks a new piece of news about the insecurity of the Google Play Store comes to the fore. And it’s not that I’m insecure per se, it’s that every time the scam artists’ occurrences are finer and calculated. The last? Clone the WhatsApp download page, as well as your developer name. All this to deceive more than one million users. Spoiler alert: the problem has already been solved.

    From Reddit, we learned that some very clever developers have discovered the formula to imitate the download page of WhatsApp. They copy everything except the name, which in this case was Update WhatsApp Messenger. Enough to get less educated users to click on the Install button. At least the trick has been given in English, so it is unlikely that you have fallen for the deception.

    Where is the security of Google Play?

    The key to all this has nothing to do with the security measures of the Google Play Store. Or at least you have to be clear that the false application was safe, as far as we know. The key is in phishing or imitation technique to confuse users. But how could a developer on foot simulate being the WhatsApp itself? Being very skillful and thanks to the emoticons.

    The images in the WhatsApp download profile are really easy to copy. At the end of the day, they are accessible to everyone in the Google Play Store. You just have to use them when submitting the fake application to be published. What’s really interesting comes when it comes to copying the developer’s name. One of the keys that can tell us if we are facing a fake or not.

    fake whatsapp

    If we are facing two applications of identical appearance, it is best to attend to the name of the developer. This would give us the key to whether WhatsApp Inc, the original developer, is the creator. Here the smart developer what he has done has been to copy the original name but using a smiley or blank symbol between “WhatsApp” and “Inc”. So, technically, it does not turn out to be the same name, but it does look the same on the download screen.

    More than a million affected

    With all this, the fake version of the application, which obviously does not offer any WhatsApp service, has collected more than one billion downloads. But it can also boast of having mocked Google in its imitation adventures. It must be a secure application to be in the Google Play Store, but it may have generated benefits thanks to abusive advertising and other techniques thanks to the name of WhatsApp. And, of course, thanks to the ignorance of the users.

    fake whatsapp

    The problem is already solved. And, apparently, changing images and name in Google Play Store is a quick and hassle-free process. Now the fake application is still there, but with another name and another different aspect. Of course, ou has to avoid installing it, like any unofficial application, despite being secure.

    It is clear, then, that despite the security barriers, in the end it is the user who has to protect himself. Of course, these cases make us think very much every step we take in the app stores. And it seems that looking at the name of the developer and respond to the comments of other users may not be enough.

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    Biggest chip deal in history: Broadcom is considering buying Qualcomm

    In the US, perhaps the biggest deal among chip manufacturers that has happened in the history of the IT industry. Broadcom, a specialist in radio chips, is currently considering purchasing the chip giant Qualcomm, which is well known for its ARM-based mobile SoCs.

    As the US economic service Bloomberg reports, citing sources that are to be familiar with the project of Broadcom, the company could face the acquisition of the competitor Qualcomm. According to the report, Broadcom is currently being advised by banks and financial specialists on the possible purchase, it goes on to say. The talks are still supposed to take place behind closed doors.

    In general, the considerations of Broadcom are still at a relatively early stage, so it is unclear whether the chip manufacturer even starts an actual takeover attempt and whether the business can come about. A final decision had not yet been made and there are no guarantees that the considerations are put into action. Qualcomm’s stock was extremely positive about the news of a potential takeover – up 13 percent in one day.

    Qualcomm is currently worth about $ 92 billion after the price rises, while Broadcom’s market value is currently around $ 107 billion. Broadcom was not launched in its current form until 2016 when Avago Technologies acquired the former Broadcom Corporation for $ 37 billion. The company had just announced this week that they wanted to relocate the headquarters from Singapore to the US – what US President Trump celebrated as a great success.


    However, the background might well be Broadcom’s interest in overcoming the hurdles to acquire chip supplier Brocade, which US regulators are currently still skeptical about. Even with a takeover of Qualcomm, a complete move from Broadcom to the US should make much easier. So far, the group has its headquarters in Singapore but calls the Californian city of San Jose already the second most important location.

    Recognized above all for its mobile technologies, Qualcomm is considered the largest supplier of ARM processors for use in smartphones and other mobile devices of all kinds. Recently, the company has come under increasing pressure from competition authorities around the world classify Qualcomm’s licensing policy as problematic and because of the exploitation to determine large market power. In addition, Apple threatens to fall away as one of the main customers for modem technologies, because the iPhone maker is currently trying to make itself independent of Qualcomm.

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    How to Make Android and Windows Play Together

    If you regularly use a PC with Windows 10 and a tablet or phone with Android, there are many Android applications that you can install that allow a fluid exchange of information between both. For example, you can start a quick note on your phone and then finish it on your Windows 10 PC, or you can receive the same alert on both devices for an appointment.

    The following Windows 10 friendly Android applications are all from Microsoft – and they are all free. To obtain the type of interoperability described above, you need to be connected in each of the applications with the same Microsoft online account that you use to connect to your Windows 10 computer. Though there are few games on both Windows and Android which support this feature, they are not well optimized. But you can still play casino games on your android device.

    1. Cortana: Synchronize reminders between your Windows PC and your Android device

    The Cortana app for Android allows you to create reminders that will synchronize with your Windows PC and send notifications to it. To set a reminder in the Cortana app for Android, just tap the icon located in the lower left part of the main screen of the application (it is the icon of the grid of 9 squares), a touch on the icon ” New reminder ” , write a name for your reminder, and set the time you want to be notified of this reminder, or enter a destination that will activate this notification when you physically arrive at that reminder, or add an image to the reminder. reminder.

    Once programmed, the reminder will synchronize with your Windows 10 PC; For example, if you have the Calendar application anchored as a live tile in the start menu, the reminder will appear in the Calendar application tile. And when you click on the time/date icon, in the Windows 10 notification area, the remainder will appear in a list in a side panel below a calendar.

    And, yes, this works in reverse: You can schedule reminders on your Windows 10 PC (either through the Calendar or Cortana application) and that will appear on your Android device through the Cortana application.

    1. Cortana: Forwarded notifications from your Android devices to your Windows 10 PC

    You can also make notifications that originate on your Android device appear on your Windows 10 PC so you can read them or discard them. These will appear in the Action Center panel of Windows 10, appearing in a list under the name of your Android device as the title of the category.

    To activate this function, start the Cortana application on your Android device, one touch on the user icon in the upper right corner, one tap on “Settings “, on the other on “Synchronize notifications “. The first two options allow you to send a notification to your Windows 10 PC for each missed call on your Android phone and alert you when your Android device’s battery is low.

    The third is the deepest one – it sends notifications that were received by other applications installed on your Windows 10 PC. One touch to activate this function, then scroll down through the list of applications installed on your Android device and make the change in those who want to send notifications; they will appear in the Windows 10 Action Center.

    1. OneDrive: Access files on your Windows 10 PC from your Android device

    You probably already know that Windows 10 comes with OneDrive, the cloud storage service that is fully integrated into the operating system – it is displayed as a folder in the File Explorer. When you drag documents, images or other types of files to it, it will automatically upload them to the cloud.

    Android’s OneDrive application allows you to view documents or images contained in your OneDrive folder. (If you tap an image file or PDF in your OneDrive cloud folder, the OneDrive application will load it into its own viewer, if you tap a document, such as a text-only file, or a Word document. , the document will be downloaded to your Android device and the default application you use to view this document format will load it).

    You can also program the application to upload photos and videos that you captured with the camera of your Android device, automatically, to your OneDrive folder. You can then access these photos and videos on your Windows 10 PC.

    To activate the automatic load (or to make sure it is already active), in the Android application, tap the icon of the three bars in the upper left of the main screen, a tap on the settings icon ( in the bottom right of the panel that slides from the left), and a tap on “Camera upload ” on the next screen.There are also options to charge only through Wi-Fi, to charge only while the Android device is connected, and to include or exclude videos from automatic uploads.

    1. Outlook: Synchronize your calendar events between your Windows 10 PC and your Android device

    Obviously, the Outlook for Android application is basically designed to access your email from Microsoft services such as Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook.com. (It can also be used with your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account). But the Outlook application also has a calendar tool that synchronizes with the Calendar application on your Windows 10 PC – through it, you can enter appointments and pending reminders in days and times that you select. Both your Android device and your Windows 10 PC will send you alerts as the dates of the events approach.

    In the Android application, come to this calendar tool by touching the second icon at the bottom of the main screen. (It looks like the page of a daily calendar, showing the current date, then you must touch the day you want to mark with a reminder of an event (sliding vertically through a list at the top of the calendar, located on the On the next screen, to schedule a new event, you must choose a time and enter the location for the event, as well as enter how long in advance you want to receive the alert. contacts to receive notifications about the event.

    In a similar way to the programming of the reminders with the Cortana application. This works in reverse. If you schedule meetings or events in the Calendar application on your Windows 10 PC, you will have alerts on your Android phone through the Outlook application.

    1. OneNote: Synchronize notes from your Android device to your Windows 10 PC

    A version of the OneNote application is included in Windows 10. Installing the Android OneNote application on your mobile device can be used for creating notes while you are moving, which you can edit more thoroughly on your Windows 10 PC later.

    With the Android application, you can make notes or checklists for pending tasks by entering text for these through the touchscreen keyboard of your Android device, handwriting with a digital pen, as well as by writing based on voice. You can make drawings in your notes with your finger or digital pen, as well as add photos to a note using the camera on your Android device.

    1. Office Lens: Synchronize “scans ” taken with your Android device to your Windows 10 PC

    The Office Lens application, very well designed by Microsoft, is not specifically linked to Windows 10, but integrated with OneDrive. It is for the capture of documents, such as business cards and receipts, by means of the camera of your Android device. (Microsoft likes to say that it is scanning these elements, presumably because it is capturing text, but all it does is usually take a picture). You can also use the application to photograph pictures of drawings, handwriting or text written on whiteboards, panels or signs.

    Make Android and Windows Play Together

    Office Lens automatically aligns, cleans and trims the captured image, and can convert it to editable text and graphics in OneNote, PowerPoint, Word format, or preserve its format as a PDF. The automatically captured image document is uploaded to your OneDrive folder (which you can, of course, later access on your Windows 10 PC).

    Note: The OneDrive app for Android also comes with a tool that allows you to capture documents, but strangely, since both applications are made by Microsoft, it is not as good as Office Lens.

    1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Play the classic Windows card game with synchronization between your Windows 10 PC or on your Android device

    Solitario, the classic Microsoft game, was relaunched for Windows 10 in the form of a Windows application that includes five games: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, and Pyramid. You can connect the application to the Xbox Live online gaming service, to acquire achievements, compete with other players, and share videos of your gaming sessions.

    Make Android and Windows Play Together

    Microsoft released an Android version of Microsoft Solitaire Collection that has all these functions. You can even start a game in this application, stop the game and then restart it on your Windows 10 PC – your game progress data is saved and synchronized with the cloud via Xbox Live.

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