#5 Best Laptop Accessories you must have!

Laptops are one of the greatest inventions man has ever made. It got us rid of the bulky computers. You can carry your laptop in long journeys, crowded gatherings and much more such places where using your computer is impossible. Laptops are compact computers. Hence, they are quite delicate as compared to the computers and also, they offer a much better experience when you add some external accessories to it! There are a number of accessories which you can add to your basket for your laptop but here, we are going to list only the most useful accessories which you must have and which will enhance the performance of your laptop. So let’s take a look at these accessories and see what better they do for your laptop.

#1 Laptop Tables

Placing the laptop on your lap all the time you are working on it is not very ideal. Also, if your laptop is above 1.5kgs then using it for more than an hour would be tiring and also it can cause a major problem in the long run. Are you a blogger or an entrepreneur? Then check out the Best Laptops for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Laptop Accessory - Laptop Table
Laptop Accessory – Laptop Table 1
Laptop Accessory - Laptop Table
Laptop Accessory – Laptop Table 2

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#2 USB accessories

There are not as many ports as required in every laptop. There are expansion ports which are available that allow you to connect various external devices on your laptop. You can also have devices connected such as a card reader, an extra audio jack, HDMI cable, and even a LAN port sometimes. These USB accessories will surely increase the functionality of your laptop considerably.
Laptop Accessory - USB Port
Laptop Accessory – USB Port

#3 Skins for laptop

You can easily enhance the looks of your laptop by using a fancy skin for your laptop. The skins are more of a decoration for your laptop than an accessory but, it makes the laptop look much better when it is covered with an intelligently designed skin.
Laptop Accessories
Laptop Skins

#4 Wireless mouses/mice, controllers and keyboards.

The mouse in a laptop comes in the form of a touchpad. Using this mouse is sometimes very annoying since you have to touch and drag many times to move the cursor from one corner to another. In such cases, the wireless mouse comes to a good use. You just need to connect your wireless mouse to your laptop and start using it. Controllers provide you with the best gaming experience and hence, you can choose the best controller for an even better gaming experience. Keyboards can be an additional accessory that one can use in case their keyboard stops functioning or if he/she uses the laptop as a source to power their setups.
Laptop Accessories
Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
Laptop Accessories
Wireless Controller

#5 Sleeves and Bags

You need to make sure that your laptop is safe from all the scratches and dents while you are carrying it from place to place. You can make use of sleeves. Sleeves are nothing but a cover for your laptop. You cannot stuff anything else than a laptop in it. While, if you get a bag, you can not only place your laptop in it but also, it’s charger and other accessories. The laptop bags have a special compartment which have suicidal padding for the safety of laptops and keeps it locked in one place.
Laptop Accessories - Bag
Laptop Bag
Laptop Accessories
Laptop Sleeve

Some More Laptop Accessories that you can use to increase productivity:

If you have a laptop and want to extend your workspace and want more than a single screen laptop, then you can use Slidenjoy, which has two extra screens that’ll get attached to your laptop and work as a three screen setup. Also, this setup will be portable and great for graphic designers. You can read our review: – Slidenjoy Review: Your Solution to Multiple Laptop Screen Setup!

Nowadays, touch screen tech is spreading all over the tech world; we have Laptops too with a touchscreen, but what if your’s doesn’t support a touch? In this case, you can get an AirBar which sits below your laptop screen and can make any laptop a touchscreen one. Turn Any Laptop To Touch Screen With AirBar.

These were some of the must have accessories for your laptop which we could find for you. If we have missed out on any such useful accessory which should have been in the list above then, please let us know in the comments section.

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