Hacker’s Black Book and Other Manuals for Beginners

Hacking is famous all over the world. The key feature of this practice is scanning various security systems and finding weaknesses to get access. Hacking is extremely popular with the youth. If you are interested in this field, check out Hacker’s Black Book (PDF free download is available here) and other books from our Recommended

AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool)

What is AndroRAT? AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool) is an appliance that allows you to gain remote access to any Android device directly from your personal computer. With the help of this application, users can connect to an Android smartphone or tablet to obtain information from the gadget efficiently and swiftly. How does AndroRAT work?

Xnspy Android Spy App: Features and Pricing Overview

The whopping increase in digital risks has forced many parents and employers to take measures to protect their families and businesses, respectively. Xnspy has offered an amazing solution to all these monitoring needs by providing a mobile spy app. The app works with both Android and iOS devices. In this review article, we will discuss

Micro-USB vs USB Type C : Why USB Type C is Better But Still Not Perfect?

Even before the concept of smartphones or feature phones, the concept of a universal connector or charger was developed. We are referring to the Universal Serial Bus system that gained ubiquity in computer systems. The same concept was later initialized and implied to mobile phones in the form of pin-head power adapters that you might